Toilet Repair And Installation

Your toilet should be well maintained and looked after at all times.

On The Job Plumbing is here to reach your property and repair your toilet for you efficiently and professionally. Our team of plumbers based in Artarmon know the importance of having a functioning toilet whether in your home or commercial property. No one enjoys a leaking or broken toilet. We have the latest equipment along with professional knowledge to fix your damaged toilet in no time.

A broken toilet can interfere with your daily activities and cause a great nuisance to your property. Working on a damaged toilet may be the most cringeworthy plumbing problem to have! With many of us not wanting to repair our own toilet, it is an inconvenience to you and your visitors.

Toilets are an essential part of our life and it is imperative to ensure your toilets are flushing properly and do not have any blockages. For hygienic purposes, ensuring your toilet is working efficiently at all times is the best way to keep a clean and odour free environment.

    Toilet Repairs

    Our plumbers are here to identify the issue your toilet is having. We will assess the situation and use the appropriate tools and technology to repair your toilet. Toilets can become damaged, broken or blocked in various ways. On The Job Plumbing have repaired numerous toilets throughout their careers so you can be reassured that we have the skills to fix any toilet issue. The most common toilet repairs we see on a daily basis are

    • Blocked toilets
    • A weak flush
    • Slow filling cistern
    • Leaking toilet
    • Noisy toilet
    • Toilets that don’t stop running water

    Toilet damages that are unattended can create a bigger problem for your plumbing system. If you have a leaking toilet your water bill will increase. On the other hand, a running toilet can be a nuisance, especially with constant noise. No matter what the issue is, On The Job Plumbing will reach your property swiftly and repair your toilet.

    Toilet Installation

    Your toilet may be reaching old age, or maybe you have been noticing numerous toilet problems, whatever it may be On The Job Plumbing will remove your old and damaged toilet and replace it with a brand new functioning toilet. Out toilet installations are a quick process and we will ensure there is little disturbance to your daily activities. A new toilet can also enhance the look of your bathroom, even if you are renovating your space, we will connect your toilet and make sure it is running perfectly.

    How much does it cost for a toilet repair and installation?

    The cost of a toilet repair service or toilet installation service will vary depending on a range of different factors. One of the main indicators of how much your toilet service will cost is the type of repair. If you have a leaking toilet, this may take a short amount of time with little tools to repair your toilet. A slow filling cistern can take longer and will utilise more tools and material. For the exact price of a toilet repair or toilet installation, contact On The Job Plumbing today and one of our friendly plumbers will be more than happy to assist you with your toilet!

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    On The Job Plumbing is here to provide you with high quality workmanship along with unmatchable customer service. We work to ensure we deliver the highest quality service to every customer by our professional team. We always deliver on time, provide upfront pricing, and arrive with a fully stocked vehicle.

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