Leaking Tap Repair

Leaking taps are a common problem in most residential and commercial properties.

On The Job Plumbing are professionals in repairing or replacing any style of tap. Many people ignore leaking taps, however, this may lead to a larger problem which can cause flooding or major damage to your home. Water seeping into your floorboards, walls and cabinets may lead to very costly repairs. Furthermore, leaks, particularly in a bathroom or kitchen, may result in slippery floors which are especially unsafe for the elderly and young children. It is extremely important to be proactive and have any leaking taps repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

    Signs Your Tap Is Leaking

    A slow leak or continuous drip can waste up to 2,000 litres of water a month. Do you no ce a drop in water pressure when you’re filling the bath or taking a shower? This could be a sign of a leak. Some mes leaks aren’t as obvious as a constant drip that keeps you up at night. Quite a number of shut off valves in your home are hidden. In fact, some leaks are much more subtle until the drip becomes a flood, which is why detecting them early is key.

    Perhaps you have recently no ced your water bill has increased. Any appliances connected to the plumbing system such as dishwashers, washing machines and hot water systems may drip without you being aware. If you find yourself trying to turn the tap ghter to stop the drip it might be me to call On the Job Plumbing.

    What Causes A Tap To Drip?

    Faulty Taps

    Taps are a great invention, however, faulty internal parts like the washers and the valves suffer from wear and tear and will eventually cause taps to drip. If your tap screams or whistles when you turn it on, this sound might be a signal that something more serious is happening in your pipes and it’s me to call a plumber as there may be a hidden leakage somewhere.

    Worn Out Washers

    As washers wear out, they often make a screeching sound when water flows through them. A leaking tap can also be caused by a damaged or a corroded valve seat. Other possible causes may be worn out seals, loose parts, or cracked plumbing pipes. Therefore, all these possible reasons must be inspected. It is simple and inexpensive but if not fixed straight away it can lead to an expensive water bill.

    Proper Installation on For Taps

    The installation for connecting a tap is basically the same regardless of the type or brand. All you must do is to ensure that the actual tap is secured firmly on the counter or sink, and the hot and cold water tubing is connected properly to the respective hot and cold water outlets. Always turn the water supply off before a emp ng a repair job. The water supply can be cut off at the shutoff valves or you can turn off the water supply from the main supply valve for the entire house.

    Check that the water supply has been shut off by turning on a tap or flushing the toilet. This will also disperse the pressure from the supply outlets. If your tap installation on or tap replacement is not done by a professional, chances are that it would begin to leak after a short while.

    Contact On the Job Plumbing!

    A good plumbing and drainage system and water supply is essential to help run and maintain a residential or commercial property. However, taps can leak for any number of reasons and if you are not confident to repair or replace the leaking tap on your own it is best to reach out to a qualified plumber. On The Job Plumbing are experienced and efficient in all plumbing jobs, so call us today and one of our professional team members will be more than happy to arrange for a plumber to come to your home or office and do an inspection.

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