High-pressure water jetting

High-pressure water jetting

On The Job Plumbing offers high-pressure water jetting services to ensure your pipes and drains are free of any blockages or grime build-up. On The Job Plumbing will reach your residential or commercial property quickly servicing across Sydney’s Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Sydney City, Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs and clear your pipes and drains today.

    What Is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

    An efficient form of clearing drains is high-pressure water jetting. This method of cleaning drains and sewers is more comprehensive than conventional drain cleaning of years ago. High-Pressure water jetters are equipped with a specialized nozzle that scrubs your pipelines and sewer lines clean. A CCTV camera is placed down your plumbing pipes to inspect the condition of the pipe. Once the problem area is located, On The Job Plumbing will clear and remove any grime build-up or blockage with the high-pressure water jetting.  With a professional plumber, the job will be completed without any hassle. The grime build-up or blockages will be removed by a sewer nozzle, which is attached to the end of the high-pressure hose. Using rotating heads and water pressure the pipes will be cleaned and serviced in an efficient manner.

    What are the benefits of using high-pressure water jetting?

    Anyone with pipe blockages can benefit from high-pressure water jetting. It not only removes blockages from your pipes but it will also remove the build-up of dirt and grime in hard to reach areas which impact the flow of your residential or commercial plumbing system. This service is efficient and with the right plumbing company, your job will be completed promptly. The main benefits of high-pressure water jetting are:

    Minimised Damage

    Previously to today’s latest technology when your pipes and sewer were blocked the job would entail an immense amount of work and time. A plumber’s job would be to dig around to find the blocked pipe; most times this may damage surrounding areas. However, with water jetting, it makes it a simple task for us to reach the problem area and resolve the issue with minimal damage.

    Grime Build Up

    Over time grime and dirt build up inside your pipes and drain, eventually creating a blockage or obstruction in your plumbing system. High-pressure water jetting is a great way to solve any blockage that causes pipes to overflow. It’s important to check and clear your pipes regularly to ensure they are working satisfactorily.

    Unclog drains

    Unclogging your drains is vital to ensure your home is protected from any overflow or damage. Drain and pipe problems may eventually lead to damage within your home, which in the end will be a more costly and time-consuming job. So having a regular maintenance check on your pipes and sewage system is a must. Be sure to contact On The Job Plumbing to have your plumbing inspected and updated.

    Tree Root removal

    Tree stumps and roots near any pipe or sewerage system can cause major damage to plumbing. This cost could be averted with High-pressure water jetting and rodding. This process is simple, and our equipment is the latest technology and will remove your tree roots from your pipes safely and efficiently.


    High-pressure water jetting is one of the most cost-effective ways to remove grime build-up and plumbing blockages. It is also the safest option and will ensure your pipes remain in their original condition. For a safe and efficient pipe cleaning service, contact On The Job Plumbing today.

    How often should I have my pipes cleared?

    We recommend having your residential or commercial pipes cleared at least once a year. This will maintain a functioning piping system in your property and therefore save you thousands in potential damages to your plumbing system and property. If you notice anything unusual about your water or are experiencing overflows it is best to have your pipes checked.

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