Burst Pipe Repairs

Repairing A Burst Pipe

If your water bill has suddenly increased even though you have been using the same water consumption, then it is possible that water is leaking someplace in your plumbing system. When you have a leak, you have constant water flow out of a section of your pipe. As time goes on, this constant flow can damage your piping. The ongoing pressure can push the hole and the pipe to a damaged point, causing it to burst.

Signs you may have an issue with your water pipes.

    Changes in Water Pressure

    If the plumbing system has a small crack, then you’ll get less water pressure from the taps and shower. Reduced water may also cause the toilet to flush with less water pressure causing the user to flush the toilet a number of times.

    The reduced water pressure may not be powerful enough to push waste down the drain and into the pipes.  This can become a blockages and if there is less water pressure then it is likely there is a pipe leakage problem.  In case the pipes are frozen, then no water will come out of your shower or taps. These issues must be repaired to stop any further damages to your plumbing system.

    Increased Water Bill

    Leaking water can lead to an unnecessary large amount of water wastage therefore increasing your water bill and this will be noticeable even when there is not a lot of water being used within your household.  The water meter will be constantly running even when you have no tap or facet turned on, this is a major sign of a water leak.

    Water Marks

    Most pipes run behind walls, through ceilings and floors. If a pipe leaks, it may provide dampness or marks on the wall, floor or ceiling. In multi-story homes, pipes usually run upstairs to the laundry rooms or bathrooms. These pipes may leak and damage the ceiling. In case you see any signs of wetness or water marks or stains, you will then be able to have an idea of the location of the leak.

    Depending on the whereabouts, whether in the ceiling behind a wall or under the floor will determine the cost and time for a repair job. You may have to remove a section of your home structure to repair any leak.

    Unusual Sounds

    Burst pipes can cause problems that lead to strange sounds. You may notice whistling, bubbling or thumping noises. Bubbling may happen when air travels into the sewer system as a result of a leak.

    Dented water pipes may begin to leak, thus leading to whistling noise as water attempts to force its way through the dented and confined piece of piping. If a leak is behind a wall, then you may hear some dripping sounds or a constant running water noise then call a plumber immediately to investigate the issue.

    Exposed Pipes

    Below sinks and in laundries and basins there can be pipes which are exposed. Occasionally these pipes can burst, condensation, ice, or frost on visible pipes is an indicator of freezing pipes or pipes that are close to freezing.

    Bumps that may be noticed on a pipe is a sign that the pipe is frozen and it’s bulging due to expansion. The pipe expanding can cause a major burst. If you notice this issue you must contact On The Job Plumbing as soon as possible and have the pipe thawed to prevent further damage.

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    The smallest leak can ruin the interior of a house including the floor, the walls, furniture and lead to many more serious and costly problems which must be repaired or replaced. Identifying a leak early will help to prevent the seepage leading to serious issues. If you notice water leaking or see anything unusual in regards to your pipes contact On The Job Plumbing they will inspect and advice on the best solution.

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