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Commercial & Residential Lower North Shore Plumber

On The Job Plumbing provide a wide range of residential, commercial and strata plumbing services to Sydney’s Lower North Shore. On The Job Plumbing delivers quality workmanship along with unmatchable services. When you work with us you can be reassured that every job will be completed in a professional manner and on time. From fixing leaking taps to trade water waste management, On The Job Plumbing have years of experience working on a range of plumbing projects across Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

We use the latest technology to ensure your residential or commercial property is functioning at its optimum level. On The Job Plumbing don’t just stop at plumbing services, we offer small kitchen and bathroom renovations, and perform facility evaluations for your strata services covering the Lower North Shore.

    Areas We Service

    On The Job Plumbing deliver high-quality services to Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Find your area below and our Lower North Shore plumbing specialists will reach your property swiftly and perform a maintenance/repair service.

    Our Plumbing Services

    On The Job Plumbing are highly qualified specialists. Whether you are planning a kitchen renovation or working on a commercial project, our Lower North Shore plumbers are here to help. We provide residential, commercial and strata services to ensure your property is performing at its optimum level.

    Residential Plumbing Lower North Shore

    Our residential service specialists use state-of-the-art technology when working on your home. We know the importance of ensuring your residential property is well maintained such as making sure your taps aren’t leaking and no pipes have busted. Our residential services include

    • Leaking Taps: Leaking taps cannot only be damaging but they can increase your water bill! Fix yours today.
    • Burst Pipe Repairs: A burst pipe can cause water damage to your properties’ walls, ceiling, floor, and belongings. It can even flood your home if not attended to straight away.
    • Blocked Drains: If your toilet, shower or bath is draining slowly, this could be an indication that your drains are blocked. Contact us immediately if you notice this.
    • Jet Rodder Cleaning & Camera Inspection: Jet-rodding is the best way to clean out any blocked drains. The high-pressure cleaner will remove any build up in your pipes.
    • Gas, Hot Water & Cooktop Repairs: It’s important to ensure your cooktop, gas and hot water is working properly. Contact us now to have yours inspected.
    • Garbage Disposal Install And/Or Removal: Whether your garbage disposal is old and needs to be removed, or you want to install a brand new one, your Lower North Shore plumber is here to help.
    • Rainwater Tank & Pump Installation: It’s a good idea to install a rainwater tank as too much rainwater can harm our waterways. Collected rainwater can be reused for washing, cooking, flushing toilets, and watering the garden and more.
    • Cap & Seal For Development: We provide high-quality cap and seal services for the development, contact us now!
    • Dishwasher Installation: Make washing up easy with a dishwasher. On The Job Plumbing have installed numerous dishwashers over time, you can be next.
    • Toilet Repairs & Installations: A broken or damaged toilet can interfere with your day to day activities, contact us immediately to have your toilet repaired or installed.
    • Hot Water System Service & Replacement: A hot water service and replacement is highly recommended to ensure your watering system is working efficiently.
    • All Gas Plumbing Fittings: For all your gas plumbing fittings, On The Job Plumbing is your go-to choice.
    • Bathroom Renovations: Enhance your old bathroom with a brand new renovation! We ensure your plumbing system is working perfectly for your new space.
    • Kitchen Renovations: Whether your kitchen needs a new look or a whole renovation, entertain friends and family in your new kitchen!

    Commercial Plumbing Lower North Shore

    Just like residential properties, On The Job Plumbing has years of experience working on a range of large to small commercial plumbing projects with industries such as high rises, retail, warehouse projects, schools, and gyms. Commercial properties should always be well maintained, as they can be the core foundation for a business. Our Lower North Shore plumbing commercial services include:

    • Preventative Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure your commercial property is functioning properly. This also allows the opportunity to find any small issues and prevent them from becoming a more costly problem.
    • Routine Maintenance: Regular inspection will be beneficial in the long run. Keep track of your property by scheduling maintenance checks.
    • Construction & Project Works: On The Job Plumbing specialise in all construction and project works for commercial properties.
    • Drainage: A proper drainage system is essential for every commercial property. Whether you own a café or a gym, it’s important to ensure your drainage system is working properly.
    • Gas, LPG Services & Installations: We offer LPG and gas installation and service to make sure your commercial property has functioning gas.
    • Backflow Prevention: All water and recycled water pipes must be protected from backflow-contaminated water. Ensure your water is protected from any contamination with a Lower North Shore plumber.
    • Thermostatic Mixing Valve: Blend the temperature of your shower, bath and sink to ensure a safe and constant temperature.
    • High-Pressure Water Jetting: Remove debris, coatings, materials, and contamination from any surface with high-pressure water jetting.
    • CCTV Camera surveying: CCTV Camera surveying is the process of monitoring and inspecting your pipes and drains to identify the need for any repairs.
    • Water Services: We provide a wide range of water services to meet your commercial needs.
    • Heating Systems: On The Job Plumbing ensures your commercial heating system is well maintained for you and your staff.
    • Sewerage & Storm Water Drainage: Sewerage and stormwater can cause contamination, which is not what you want for your commercial property. We will clear out your drains free of any contaminated water.
    • Pipe & Cable Location Services: Servicing your commercial pipes and cables is essential for your business. This includes the prevention of hazards on-site and underground assets.
    • Trade Wastewater Management: Trade waste must comply with specific requirements. We remove any harmful chemicals or fats, which lead to the sewerage system.
    • Plumbing Condition Reports, Audits & Surveys: On The Job Plumbing specialise in commercial audits, surveys and condition reports, which are essential for your property.

    Strata Plumbing Lower North Shore

    On The Job Plumbing offers high-quality strata inspection services to all residential and commercial properties. Our strata inspection service involves an assessment, repair, maintenance, installation, and replacements. We ensure preventative care is taken matching the client’s specific needs. Our strata services include:

    • Priority Service: Priority service is a streamline tool which allows you to stay on track with the details of your business.
    • Water Leak Detection & Diagnostics: Water leaks can lead to a bigger problem causing damage to your walls, ceiling, floors, and belongings. We will diagnose the issue and repair them straight away.
    • Inspections & Audits: Our highly quality strata specialists will inspect your commercial property today!
    • Reports: Reports will detail information regarding your commercial business after its strata inspection.
    • Drain Inspection With CCTV Cameras, Maintenance & Cleaning: We will inspect your drains with high-quality CCTV cameras, maintenance and cleaning to ensure they are functioning properly.
    • Storm-Water Inspections & Cleaning: Stormwater is contaminated and must be inspected prior to cleaning. We will remove all stormwater from your property.
    • Burst Pipes: Burst pipes can damage your walls, floors, and belongings and ultimately flood your property.
    • Blocked Drains: Blocked drains will cause your water to drain slowly, causing damage to your whole drainage system.
    • Backflow Prevention, Maintenance & Repairs: Backflow prevention will stop any contaminated water flowing through your system. We will maintain and repair any damaged pipes as a result of contaminated water entering the system.
    • Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry Maintenance & Repairs: We will maintain and repair your kitchen, bathroom and laundry space to ensure they are performing their best.
    • Hot Water Service Installations, Maintenance & Repairs: It’s important that your hot water system is working correctly. We will install, maintain and repair any issues discovered.

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    On The Job Plumbing is your Lower North Shore plumber. We offer a wide range of residential, commercial and strata services to ensure your properties plumbing system is performing its best. We use the latest technology when it comes to your property, that way you can be reassured that your water and drainage system is well looked after. If you’re after high-quality plumbing services and unmatchable customer service, contact On The Job Plumbing on 1300 171 125 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist your plumbing needs.

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