New Plumbing Trends

Moving into a new decade sees many industries evolving to make things more efficient and plumbing is no exception.

New plumbing trends are gearing toward better water management and smarter fixtures.

Smarter fixtures, combined with sensible water use not only helps you save money but also helps keep our water reserves at sustainable levels.

Some of these new trends include


Grey water recycling

Unlike raw sewage,  grey water is “used” water from your home that is still usable for purposes other than drinking.

Some examples of grey water recycling:

Re-using water from baths, showers and washing machines to water lawns.


Smart sprinkler systems

Smart sprinkler technology can now detect the moisture content of your lawn and adjusts your sprinkler schedules accordingly.

Just as other home monitoring systems measure things like temperature and energy consumption, this smart technology also monitors your pipes and water consumption.

If your pipes spring a leak it will alert you and pinpoint the source of the problem. This in turn will make it a lot easier for plumbers to fix.


Touch activated devices

Touch-activated faucets or shower heads may seem like a luxury, however they actually serve a very useful purpose.

Touchless devices have fewer moving mechanical parts. If you don’t have to turn a knob to run the water, there are fewer parts that wear out and have to be replaced.

Innovations in smart toilets

Standard toilets are utilitarian in nature. Some of the more modern toilets are fun to use with a little touch of luxury added to your bathroom..

Spray deodoriser toilets

Many people dislike how the bathroom fills with a smell when you’re done doing a number 2.

Spray deodoriser toilets get rid of the poo smell with a simple spray of deodorising mist.

Toilet seat heater

Standard toilets can be very cold on your bare toosh.

Luxury toilets take care of that problem by heating the toilet seat and also the floor around the toilet at the same time.

Modern toilets that help your health

This smart technology is designed to analyse your blood sugar levels, measure body temperature and take your blood pressure.

All this information is then uploaded to a computer that users can review at their leisure.

With climate change looming as a big threat to household bottom lines and the environment, everyone is looking to technology to deliver more efficient ways of living.

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